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    CHIIPS INC. is a world leader in its product range and is always striving to introduce innovative products. Our in-house team of software and hardware engineers can handle all kinds of product development and our own factory, CHIIPS Electronics (Suzhou) Co. Ltd., can produce prototypes as well as finished products fairly quickly and very competitively.

     Whether your needs are for a modified version of our current products or a brand new product, CHIIPS INC. can meet your specific requirements. We are presently contracted as OEM for several companies in Europe, Australia and North America. Let us be your partner in business. You tell us what you need and we will build it for you.

Our Product Range:

  • UNIMATE - A wall mounted hairdryer with make-up mirrors for home and hotel. Patented in USA, Germany, UK, France, and Canada.
  • VALUE$AFE - A collection of electronic safes for home and hotels.
  • CLEAREXPOSURE - A bathroom mirror heater for home and hotels.
  • SOCKETPLUS - A universal plug adapter for laptop computers in hotel rooms.
  • EL-LOCKER - An electronic locking module for metal or wooden lockers and cabinets.
  • NATUREX - The multi-surface design pattern treatment to give the natural look of wood grain, burl, marble, to your plastic or metal.
  • SECURIDOOR - A self-contained affordable electronic lock for home and office doors. Available Summer 2000
  • SECURUS - An electronic access control system for hotels and other public buildings incorporating control systems for H.V.A.C., smoke detection, Mini-Bar, emergency assistance request, energy management, messaging & advertising, and remote bedside/bathroom control. Patented in USA, Germany, UK, France. Available Summer 2000

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